Monday, July 7, 2008

Pratapgarh- Day 2


Quite unexpectedly Pratapgarh was the best place in the trip. It is 20km from Mahabaleshwar and it seemed like just a fort when we heard about it. But you realize its uniqueness when you see the altitude at which it is built. It is hard to imagine how it can be constructed in earlier times.
Also once you get on top you have a feeling hard to describe. Because of the clouds all around the fort ,we literally felt like we were in heaven. I will not say much about it, as it is a place which my words wouldn't do any justice.

Next we saw the Lingmala water fall from far away. It was splendid. Once we got closer we realized that the little bridge that passed over the clear stream of water was in fact the same water that some 50 m away turns into a fall 'the lingmala water fall'. Since on that day it was raining heavily the water flow was 10 times the previous day and you could feel the furious water gushing down the fall and making a thunderous sound for quite a distance. The thought that we were planning to take a dip in that water really made us look stupid and lucky(that we didnt go ahead).

Next we saw what was left of Panchgani(also had strawberry lassi). Sydney Point is not even worth mentioning. Though table land was far better. It was almost a cricket ground at the top of a mountain. And there were many such plains on the nearby hills. It was really spectacular.

(This day was full of adventures which i am not describing here)


  1. Lingmala Falls were splendid indeed !! This brings me to a strange question-Are Niagara Falls better?? If yes,in what way?( juz dun consider the heights..n then make a comparison)..I mean it is damn beautiful !! M waiting for more pics of day-2..coz i feel day-2 ws the best in our three day trip,though opinions may differ...

  2. i once heard that niagra falls aren't what they are made out to is just because they are in usa etc. etc.
    there is one great fall in our very own in terms of beauty, as always there can be one true winner..
    and ya..pratapgarh was the best part and table land too..and more pics of that you shall be given..just wait a bit more...
    or would it be ok in 10 days take it from me itself :P

  3. gettin restless 4 nuthin :P...nice bit of info nihilanth...n yeah,i agree,niagara is more hype,less content...what did you like the most in pratapgarh? i'll say tht stunning view when we were in the midst of a gr88 height...n suddenly a gentle breeze cleared the haziness...n wht v saw next was simply ethereal beauty ..

  4. pratapgarh made us feel like we were in heaven ..nothing above and nothing below...
    and yes it was only due to that breeze that we were back to the real world...

  5. Nice pics and amazing place to see. Keep updating latest posts.